Frequently Asked Questions

You might be wondering…

What are the roles of all the partners?

The closed-loop PFAS solution 4never™ is brought to you through a partnership between Heritage-Crystal Clean, Allonnia, EPOC Enviro, and Revive Environmental.

  • Crystal Clean: The exclusive distributor and operator of 4never, available to private landfill and industrial waste management markets.
  • Allonnia: The exclusive distributer of Surface Active Foam Fractionation (SAFF®) technology in North America.
  • EPOC Enviro: The manufacturer of Surface Active Foam Fractionation (SAFF®) technology used to separate and concentrate PFAS.
  • Revive Environmental: The manufacturer of the PFAS Annihilator™ technology, used to destroy PFAS.

Crystal Clean will serve as the primary operator of this PFAS remediation solution servicing 4never™ units at customer sites and transporting wastewaters and concentrated PFAS to one of its wastewater treatment facilities for destruction.

When is 4Never™ available to the market?

4never™ is available starting January 2023. If you’d like to discuss how this solution can help your landfill or industrial waste management site, please contact us and a sales representative will be in touch.

Is 4never™ available for a specific market?

Yes, 4never™ is available to the private landfill and industrial waste management markets in the United States and parts of Canada. Many landfill operators are looking for a cost-effective and compliant approach to managing their PFAS-contaminated leachate. Using this end-to-end solution, landfill operators can ensure the PFAS in their leachate is destroyed prior to discharge to the local municipal wastewater treatment system. Contact us to see if your site is a good fit for 4never™.

If there is interest in SAFF® as a solution for another market, please contact Allonnia, the exclusive North American distributor for EPOC Enviro’s SAFF®.

If there is interest in the PFAS Annihilator™ for another market, please contact Revive Environmental.

How does the 4never™ solution work?

4never™ integrates PFAS treatment technologies and services offered by four partner companies. Combined, they result in a local, scalable, closed-loop solution to remove and permanently destroy PFAS. It begins with a SAFF® unit provided and serviced by Crystal Clean. The SAFF® unit will separate the target PFAS contaminants from the leachate or wastewater and generate a hyper-concentrated PFAS waste stream. Revive Environmental’s PFAS Annihilator™ destroys the PFAS hyper-concentrate, resulting in non-toxic byproducts of water, carbon dioxide, and salts. Crystal Clean is responsible for mobilizing and operating the SAFF® technology on-site, then transporting the PFAS hyper-concentrate to centralized facilities for destruction using the PFAS Annihilator.