What We Do

Separate. Concentrate.

4never™ is a closed-loop solution, removing and destroying PFAS from contaminated waters.

We take responsibility for removing and destroying PFAS directly from your site, solving your PFAS problem. After PFAS has been destroyed, we provide you with a report documenting the PFAS removal and destruction. Our closed-loop solution and reporting allow your team to be confident in your environmental stewardship.

The 4never™ PFAS solution results in better outcomes for businesses, employees, communities, and most importantly, the environment.

Industries We Serve


4never™ offers landfill operators a complete solution to safely manage any PFAS contaminated leachate.

Industrial Waste

Industrial waste generators can rely on 4never™ to safely manage waste streams containing PFAS.

4never™ places a SAFF® unit onsite to connect with your wastewater sources. The technology utilizes foam fractionation to separate the PFAS from the wastewater. The resulting PFAS hyper-concentrate is easier and cheaper to transport and annihilate than a dilute solution. Download the SAFF® Data Sheet Here

SAFF: The Basic Concept of Foam Fractionation

4never™ completely removes the PFAS problem from customers’ sites by transporting the PFAS hyper-concentrate to a central facility to prepare for destruction.

After the PFAS hyper-concentrate is delivered to a centralized facility, it is prepared for destruction using proven and emerging technologies. Part of the 4never™ process is understanding your specific needs and sustainability goals. Based on your goals and particular PFAS water chemistry, 4never™ will determine the proper destruction methods to ensure optimal results.