About Us

Four companies, one Complete solution

Created by a group of four international companies, 4never™ answers the need of your company, community, and regulators for PFAS cleanup.

Heritage-Crystal Clean is the exclusive distributor and operator of 4never™ to the private landfill and industrial waste treatment markets, serving clients through its nationwide network of branches and waste treatment facilities. 4never™ combines the power of Surface Active Foam Fractionation (SAFF®) technology, exclusively distributed by Allonnia in North America and manufactured by EPOC Enviro, with Revive Environmental’s PFAS Annihilator to provide a local, scalable, closed loop solution to remove and permanently destroy PFAS.

Heritage-Crystal Clean is responsible for placing and operating the SAFF® machinery on-site, transporting the PFAS hyper-concentrate, and using centralized facilities to dispose of it with the PFAS Annihilator.

Allonnia, a bio-ingenuity company™ dedicated to extracting value where others see waste, is the exclusive North America distributor of SAFF®.

EPOC Enviro is an award-winning environmental engineering company. EPOC is the innovator and manufacturer of SAFF®, the proven PFAS separation and concentration technology.

Revive Environmental deploys the PFAS Annihilator™ technology, the final step that makes the 4never process work to destroy PFAS without harmful byproducts.