Remove And Destroy PFAS from Contaminated Waters

4never™ is a sustainable, cost-effective solution that removes PFAS from contaminated waters and destroys it using proven and emerging technologies tailored to your specific needs and sustainability goals.

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Environmental stewardship is important to everybody.

We share the value of environmental sustainability, the importance of protecting our communities, and keeping our water clean. Unfortunately, PFAS is a unique and complex challenge for your business and your sustainability goals. The challenge is in how hard it is to remove and dispose of PFAS, which is why it is known as the ‘forever chemical’.

Now, PFAS is no longer the problem it once was because 4never has innovated a closed-loop process that removes and destroys PFAS.

Remove PFAS with a Closed-Loop Solution

4never™ has combined the technologies and expertise of an international team of companies to create one complete solution. This closed-loop, sustainable and contaminant-free solution removes and destroys PFAS.

Why it works

The 4never™ solution is localized. First, a SAFF® unit is placed onsite at a customer’s facility to separate and concentrate PFAS from their wastewater. Then, the hyper-concentrate is transported offsite to a central facility where it is prepared for destruction using proven and emerging technologies. Finally, after PFAS has been destroyed, we provide a report documenting the PFAS removal and destruction to your team.

Our process completely removes the problem. You no longer have to spend time and resources on a PFAS solution. You can instead focus on other areas, creating better value for your business. Because the destruction happens offsite, your business has no further responsibility for the PFAS. 4never™ is a unique PFAS solution for your company, employees, the local community, and the environment.

How it works

4never’s solution combines industry leading technologies into one solution.

Separate & Concentrate

SAFF® units are placed onsite to separate PFAS from wastewater, creating a PFAS hyper-concentrate.


4never™ transports the PFAS hyper-concentrate to a central disposal facility to prepare for destruction.


The hyper-concentrate is destroyed using proven and emerging technologies tailored to your specific needs and sustainability goals.

  • Support Your Community
  • Achieve Sustainability Goals
  • Help the Environment

Make a positive environmental impact

With 4never™, you can meet sustainability initiatives and be confident in PFAS removal and environmental stewardship. Contact us today to confidently and cleanly remove PFAS from your wastewater.